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Semen preparartion Kit Swim Up kit
Dr. Panos Zavos (Consultant)

Professor Zavos is the inventor and developer of the SWIM-UP Pak technology

The Swim-Up Pak is a self-contained system for the recovery of high quality progressively motile sperm from semen. The SUP technology is fast, inexpensive and simple one-step standardized method.

The unique configuration of the Swim-Up Pak combines swim-up/swim-down sperm methods and can simultaneously wash and select the most motile and phonologically normal spermatozoa. This eliminates the need for the most tedious steps of today's sperm processing techniques, which require dilution and centrifugation.


The physician or lab technologist who wishes to establish a self-sufficient practice and eliminate the need for outside laboratory assistance for semen preparation appreciates this product. 


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