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  • Hy-gene® Semen Collection Kit
  • No more "Here's a cup, there's the bathroom"!




Hygene Semen Collection Kit (single)

  • At last!...a non-spermicidal design collection system for semen analysis and/or insemination purposes! This simple kit offers a sensitive and comfortable method for the patient to collect a specimen and transport it for laboratory analysis. Contains one Male-Factor Pak® condom, one test tube and one funnel.

    Studies show that semen samples obtained through intercourse are more viable than those obtained through masturbation.
    Improved specimen viability and increased patient acceptance when masturbation is objectionable, are the benefits that medical professionals have been waiting for.


    Advantages of the Hygene Kit

    • Non-Spermicidal. Biologically inert polyurethane condom maintains sperm viability, motility and velocity. No mold  releases or powders used in condom manufacture.
    • Psychologically Acceptable. Allows sample collection at home or other private settings and eliminates patient stress